During the 2013-2014 school year, Boosterthon will be bringing the best experiences of summer camp to schools across America ch5with our newest character theme, Camp High Five!

The Camp High Five theme is all about friendship. But not just developing the friendships students already have; it’s about viewing EVERYONE as a friend.

It doesn't matter who they are, or how  different they may first appear to be.

There isn’t a better gesture that communicates energy, positivity, cooperation, and friendship than a big HIGH FIVE, that’s why we’ve built this year’s character curriculum around the power of using your actions and your hands to show friendship.

Boosterthon, Boosterthon Fun Run

Students will learn five ways to treat everyone like a friend.

Each Camp Challenge is paired with a signature hand gesture, called a Camp Signal, to make each character message sticky and memorable. We’re excited to transform classmates into friends with the Camp High Five theme.

Over the last twelve months, our team put thousands of hours into developing our newest theme. With catchy songs and music videos, interactive character videos, and an exciting children’s book, Camp High Five is truly our most dynamic theme yet. As always, stay tuned for ALL NEW features to our program as we them roll out.

And pack your bags . . . We’ll see you at CAMP HIGH FIVE!

Watch our most popular music video yet!  -  Camp High Five music video