BoosterFest 2018

Booster fans! Huge thanks to everyone who participated in #BoosterFest2018, our annual online celebration where we get to say thank you to all our amazing partners and reveal our brand new character theme for the upcoming school year.

Below you’ll find all our incredible content from #BoosterFest2018!

#BoosterFest2018 Highlights

MindSpark Mystery Lab Preview Video

#BoosterFest2018 Video 6: Revealing Our New Character Theme, MindSpark Mystery Lab

#BoosterFest2018 Video 5: Interview with Sope Creek Elementary on What It’s Like to Be an 11-Year Boosterthon Partner

#BoosterFest2018 Video 4: Live Q + A with Boosterthon Founder and CEO Chris Carneal

#BoosterFest2018 Video 2: Revealing Our New Giveback Partner, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

#BoosterFest2018 Video 1: Interview with Atlanta Academy on How They Profited $15K OVER Their Goal in Their First Year with Boosterthon