Compliance & Risk Associate



Booster is seeking an entry level Compliance and Risk Associate to manage business and fundraising licenses. The Compliance and Risk Associate will assist the Compliance and Risk Analyst in maintaining license renewals, creating state compliance manuals, educating teams on filing requirements, and auditing filings for compliance.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Manage Fundraising and Business Licenses - Work cooperatively with CT Corp on annual license renewal filings including compiling required information, obtaining necessary signatures, and keeping accurate records.
  • Research - Deep dive, analyze, and summarize state regulations regarding licensing requirements.
  • Team Member Training - Educate team members on how to complete required filings through tutorials, group meetings, and one on one meetings.
  • Compliance Manuals - Build and maintain state compliance manuals for team member use based on research and processes and procedures to ensure ease of use.
  • Audit and Document Retention- Develop system to ensure filing and documentation compliance through periodic audits. Prepare reports on findings and results.

Preferred Skills:

  • Connect with Conviction - Must possess the ability to connect with clients on a trustworthy and likable level in person, over the phone or over email.
  • Lead Yourself - Must be a self starter that’s proactive in how they lead their time, priorities and goals.
  • Get Things Done - Must be able to achieve maximum results through prioritization and execution of tasks. Must be efficient and effective with their time to produce maximum results.
  • Active Listening - Must be able to actively listen to clients and their needs while pivoting and tailoring information to best fit their needs.

Hourly: TBD based on skills and experience