Giving Market Consultant


Giving Market, a subsidiary of Booster, is a school holiday shop that inspires generosity. Giving Market is looking for a qualified seasonal candidate to specialize in the program on-boarding and oversight for individual Giving Market programs. This employee will work in tandem with the field Program Director, who are in charge of managing the client relationship. After handing off this specialized program, the Giving Market Consultant will be in charge of maintaining remarkable client care while working alongside the school to create the best experience and driving financial results.

Core Responsibilities: 

  • Client Management - Manage all relationships and program information for Giving Market clients in your designated areas.
  • Relationship Management - Lead client relationships by influencing, communicating, and supporting client needs through all stages of the Giving Market program. From the initial handoff from the Program Director, to leading the Pre-Program Workshop, and continual client management through email and phone correspondence.
  • Client Care - Provide exceptional customer service that creates raving fans. Our high-value clients have a keen understanding and expectation of remarkable client care. This role will work diligently to care and maintain the relationship with existing Booster clients or impress by their outstanding client care to new Booster clients.
  • Inventory Communication - Work between the Logistics team and the client to coordinate, communicate, and upload accurate levels of initial inventory as well as any inventory reorders from Booster’s warehouse to our Point of Sale software.
  • Problem Solve - There may and often times will be many different problems that arise during a Giving Market program that you will need to problem solve yourself. This role will be responsible for quickly problem solving issues to serve our clients in the best and most efficient way.
  • Exemplify Booster’s Virtues - Gratitude, Wisdom, Care, Courage, Grit, Celebration
  • Self Motivated - Extremely proactive in managing multiple clients in different phases of program development.
  • Relationship Driven - Remembering you are the face of the Booster Enterprises in all correspondence you make with a client.
  • Detail Oriented - Impeccable attention to detail and process.
  • Communication - Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Hourly Rate TBD - Based on experience  
  • $75/school rebooking bonus
  • 15-30 hour/week on average
  • Seasonal staffing - 13 week time commitment