Sales Support Specialist



Booster is seeking an entry level Sales Support Specialist to help support and expand national growth. The Sales Support Specialist assists our national growth team and field sales teams with inbound leads, helps manage the inbound leads process, tracks sales-related data, manages projects to support national growth, and helps catalog resources used in the sales process. This person must possess excellent communication skills and have a proven track record of working with a high degree of excellence. He or she displays a high degree of proactive thinking, client care, follow-through, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Enter Salesforce and Sales Document Information: Update account and contact information to help local sales teams effectively reach potential clients in a timely manner and catalog and save recommendation letters from each market to be searched and used in the future.
  • Assist the Inbound Leads Process: Monitor inbound leads to remove non-sales communication, assign leads to the correct owners, input leads that arrive outside of the website, and generate reports about the status of leads regularly.
  • Redirect Unqualified Inbound Leads: Understand the products available to potential clients that have reached out about our offerings but would not be a fit for our traditional program, speak with potential clients to offer these solutions, connect them with the correct team to set up a partnership if so desired, connect our Research & Development team with potential clients that could be good candidates for pilot opportunities.
  • Assist with Sales Projects: Input data, create presentations and documents, proofread and revise projects to be released to the field sales teams to support their needs.
  • Meeting Prep: Create and update materials, financial deliverables to coordinate with most recent results; collect and house recommendation letters for markets; prepare sales folders for upcoming meetings, prepare demo pages for upcoming meetings; print materials, order inventory requests for required or desired giveaways, sales resources (such as trifolds, sales booklets, etc).
  • Marketing Events/Experiences: Locate and coordinate luncheons, tours, networking events/experiences with the intent of developing new business and cultivating strong relationships with existing clients. Work with venues on dates, negotiate pricing, plan all setup details, create and manage RSVP sites. Prepare and provide materials for team conducting each event (i.e. – folders, tablecloths, prizes, shirt samples, etc)
  • Conventions and Expos: Schedule Boosterthon as an exhibitor at parent board conventions for National Launch markets. Conference/Convention/Expo Logistical Coordination (i.e. Tablecloth, Projector and Screen, etc.). Prepare and print documents for display.

Preferred Skills:

  • Self-Motivated: He or she must be extremely proactive in managing inbound leads in a timely way and be disciplined in time management to meet numerous deadlines.
  • Client-Minded Critical Thinker: He or she must possess superb communication skills (written and verbal) while also displaying a high level of confidence, professionalism, and positivity as they interact with potential clients.

​​​​​​Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Keynote, and Salesforce

Compensation & Perks:
Base Salary: TBD Based on experience and qualifications
Cell phone allowance
Bonus Opportunities

100% Coverage of Individual Premiums ( Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance)
Short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance policies
14 days paid time off plus business closed days
17+ Paid Holidays