How Boosterthon Works

Imagine a fun fitness event, an interactive character program, and a highly-profitable school fundraiser all in one.

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Students run laps around a track we set up.


Families gather pledges from people they know.


Sponsors easily pay their pledge online or by check.


Students run laps around a track we set up.


Families gather pledges from people they know.


Sponsors easily pay their pledge online or by check.


Every Student Included

Every student gets to participate in the fun, regardless of financial participation.

Flexible Program

We customize our programs to easily work around school schedules (even the busiest ones). It’s principal-approved.

30-Min. Run

Students skip, dance, walk, and run to upbeat themed music.

Outdoor or Indoor

With Fun Run and Glow Run options, rain, snow, and cold can’t hold back the fun.

The Boosterthon Fun Run program lasts about nine days and consists of four main parts: Pep Rally, Team Huddles, Fun Run, and Collection.


This is your Fun Run’s opening kickoff!  Our team goes big with a fun, interactive setup in your gym.

Students will help a team of brainy kids solve problems using a super-lab hidden inside a school in our newest S.T.E.A.M. character theme, MindSpark Mystery Lab. Schools also have to our Character Video Library, for year-round access.


Your whole school is buzzing with excitement!


Over the next six days, classes gather as a team to experience our can’t-miss character presentations and get Fun Run updates.

Our team teaches exciting character lessons while teachers reward students for helping your school, and it’s all designed to work around school schedules (even the craziest ones).

During team huddles, students experience our incredible and innovative character program. Click the button below to sample a lesson.

With daily pledging updates, classes are fired up about working together to improve their school.


It’s finally here! Our team has been setting up since dawn. Students arrive to see your school’s field or
gym transformed into a speedway.

Students take off to upbeat, themed laps. Our DJ knows the perfect family-friendly music. Parents line the track cheering and snapping Instagram-worthy pictures.

In the 30 minutes, most students run 30-35 laps (35 max). As the run ends, laps are tallied, and students are back in class within the hour. Smiles. Are. Everywhere!

Instead of stressing over pulling off a big event, your PTA is all smiles while the Boosterthon team does all the heavy lifting.


Pledges are due one week after the Fun Run. Sponsors easily pay their pledges on, helping you collect 98% of all pledges (avg) and saving your volunteers time.

The Boosterthon team guides your PTA through the entire process, making collection painless and hassle-free.

As funds come in, daily payments are deposited straight into your account. And with our online system, keeping track of your funds is a breeze.

At the end of collection, the results are in. Your school has raised more than ever! Your Treasurer gives you a bear hug and smiles abound.

Congratulations on a wildly successful, fun fundraiser! Let’s do it again next year.

(4 out of 5 schools choose Boosterthon year after year.)

“How Much Can We Raise?”

We offer four different options to meet your school’s fundraising needs. How much Boosterthon keeps depends on how involved you want to be!

Profit up to 65%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Boosterthon LIVE is our full-service, all-in-one fundraising program. Our team visits your campus daily, handling every aspect of the program.

Profit up to 75%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Boosterthon EVENT brings our team on-campus for the Pep Rally and Fun Run, allowing you to customize everything in-between.

Profit up to 85%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Fun Run YOU is perfect for schools that want the benefits of Boosterthon's expertise, technology, and reporting, with the perks of a self-run event.

Profit 90%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

We are excited to offer an easy to use online platform, Boosterthon PledgePro. This DIY platform provides an alternative to schools looking for a flexible fundraising option.

Want to find out which program
is right for your school?


Our program has flexible options and can be customized for each school.

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