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Do any of these fundraising problems sound familiar?

Too much work

Most fundraisers require countless hours of planning and energy, with little to no help from the company.

Too little profit

Many fundraisers are financially hit or miss, causing you to string together lots of little ones just to meet your budget.

Tired of selling stuff

Tired of hearing your parents complain about having to sell so much stuff? We get it.

Not enough volunteers

Is it getting harder and harder to find committed volunteers? Tired of having to do it all by yourself?

What makes Boosterthon so different?

Most elementary school fundraisers are too much work for not enough profit. The Boosterthon experience provides a hassle-free fundraiser that raises schools a ton of money.

We understand that choosing a fundraiser can be overwhelming. There’s a lot at stake and choosing the right one can save you a ton of time and hassle. We’ve helped thousands of elementary schools all across the country smash their fundraising goal through a proven, fun, and stress-free program your whole school will love.

Why Choose Boosterthon?

Proven Results

Instead of burning out families with lots of small fundraisers, only ask parents and sponsors once with a proven funding system that does it all. The schools that switch to Boosterthon raise 50% more on average.  Seriously.

  • American Academy (Denver, Public) profited $79,212 raising funds for robotics equipment & aeronautics; previous fundraiser brought in $15,000.
  • Laliberte Elementary School (Boston, Public) profited $41,140 for new technology; previous fundraiser brought in $8,000.
  • St. James Cathedral School (Orlando, Private) profited $30,299 for new turf field; previous fundraiser brought in $20,000.

Jae Runsick, PTA Board Member
Montgomery Elementary, Atlanta, GA
4-year partner

Proven model for raising funds

Fund your school’s entire year with a program that’s been proven thousands of times over to get results.

Professional on-campus team

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a headache. Having our Fun Run experts on campus makes a world of difference.

Student focused

Every student experiences our world-class character program and Fun Run, regardless of financial participation.

Kellie Boomshine, PTA President
Beech Hill Elementary, Summerville, SC
5-year partner

Hassle-Free Experience

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a headache. Having our Fun Run experts on-campus makes a world of difference!

  • Highly trained, fun professionals take the load off your shoulders.
  • Our team plans every detail so you can actually have fun.
  • Our user-friendly system prompts sponsors to pay online, reducing your time spent counting change and processing checks.

Raise more

We raise schools (on avg.) 50% more than their previous fundraiser. Seriously.

Work less

Our highly trained, fun professionals take the load off your shoulders.

Avoid hassles

Since our on-campus team does virtually everything, you can relax and actually have fun.

Save time

Save hundreds of hours you would have spent passing out catalogs and keeping elaborate records.

Every Student Included

We believe no child should be left out. It matters that every student has fun, feels included, and walks away with a giant smile, whether families financially give or not.

  • Every student receives a FREE gift when they are registered online.
  • Every student has fun in our interactive character huddle.
  • Every student runs in the action packed Fun Run.

"One main reason Boosterthon is great—its inclusive. It promotes fun, fitness, and community regardless of a child's participation with pledges."

Melanie Landers, PTA President
Sope Creek Elementary, Marietta, GA
11-year partner

The Boosterthon Promise

When you work with us, you’re more than a customer. You are a partner. With over 15 years of fundraising expertise, you’ll personally experience:

Professional Fun Run Experts

Our friendly, professional Fun Run experts take are of all the details so you don’t have to.

Proven Communication Plan

With over 7,000 communication pieces, we’ve developed a communication plan that gets results.

Indoor or Outdoor Run

With Fun Run and Glow Run options, rain, snow, and cold can’t hold back the fun.

World-class Character Program

Say goodbye to boring character programs. Our trusted, innovative program integrates with PBIS, Social-Emotional Learning, S.T.E.A.M. and is flexible to complement your existing character curriculum.

Mobile-friendly Pledging Site

For nearly a decade our tech team’s been perfecting funrun.com as the all-in-one solution for maximizing your Fun Run.

Powerful Pledging Tools

Our smart “Easy-Emailer” and hilarious “Student Star Video” enable your families to raise more with less hassle.

Customizable Funrun.com

We create a customized funrun.com pledge page with your school’s name, logo, and colors.

Door-to-Door Logistics

We handpick all program items and ship them directly to your school.

Smooth Collection Process

With our high-powered collection software, the process is simple and collects (on avg.) 96%.

What People Are Saying

“If I did not love everything about the Boosterthon, I wouldn’t have continued partnering with them for so long.”

Laura Moore, Fundraising Chair
Forest Pines Drive Elementary, Raleigh, NC

“Just when you think you have had the best year yet, the Boosterthon team comes back and delivers an even better experience. It’s incredible.”

Melanie Landers, PTA President
Sope Creek Elementary, GA

“Parents look at the Boosterthon as a yearly school tradition instead of ‘just another fundraiser.'”

Crystal Lewis, Principal
New Berlin Elementary, FL

A Proven Program to Fit Your School

Boosterthon’s pricing varies based on the program you choose. We offer four different options to meet your school’s fundraising needs.

Profit up to 65%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Boosterthon LIVE is our full-service, all-in-one fundraising program. Our team visits your campus daily, handling every aspect of the program.

Profit up to 75%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Boosterthon EVENT brings our team on-campus for the Pep Rally and Fun Run, allowing you to customize everything in-between.

Profit up to 85%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

Fun Run YOU is perfect for schools that want the benefits of Boosterthon’s expertise, technology, and reporting, with the perks of a self-run event.

Profit 90%

  • Our Involvement
  • Your Involvement

We are excited to offer an easy to use online platform, Boosterthon PledgePro. This DIY platform provides an alternative to schools looking for a flexible fundraising option.

Ready to bring the Boosterthon to your school?  Let’s get started.

Learn more about the Boosterthon Fun Run. Anyone can submit their school, even if they’re not an administrator or on the board of a parent organization. But act fast — our calendar fills up quickly!

Q & A

Q: What if it rains or snows the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run event?

A: Whether there’s a monsoon or a snowstorm the Boosterthon Fun Run event is always ROCKING! If your school has a gym, it’s likely the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run event will be held there at the scheduled times. And now with Boosterthon’s Glow Run, rain, snow, and cold can’t hold back the fun. The Glow Run transforms your gym into a pulsating neon celebration complete with rope lights, disco lights, and black lights. You’ll be amazed at the rave remarks you’ll hear.

If your school doesn’t have a gym, the Fun Run event will be rescheduled for a later date. Always check with your school for more details.

Q: How far will my student run and for how long?

A: Since the track is about 1/16 a mile and most students run 30-35 laps, your student will walk, run, dance, and skip about two miles to help their school. (Water is always provided as well.)

Q: How do schools integrate Boosterthon into their schedule?

A: Great question! Over the past 15 years, we’ve listened to thousands of principals and educators to find out the best way to incorporate the Boosterthon without taking away from instructional time. We now customize all our programs to work around school schedules (even the craziest ones).

Q: Where do I enter pledges?

A. Parents can log in and enter pledges at funrun.com. Simply use your school access code or search for your school.


Our program has flexible options and can be customized for each school.

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