Boosterthon is not OK with satisfied customers. We want to create Raving Fans.

We’re proud to have received a 98.6% Raving Fan Score from our PTA/O leaders last school year after over 1,300 schools reviewed our program. It’s good, but there’s still room to grow. We will always continue to improve and deliver an excellent, unforgettable experience for our students and schools.

"The Boosterthon Fun Run team has a contagious enthusiasm! They spent a week helping our organization in New Orleans by hosting a fun community block party and renovating buildings damaged by Hurricane Katrina. They were one of the hardest-working groups we’ve ever hosted, and I truly believe in their mission to Change the World."

Danny Wuerffel

Heisman Trophy Winner

"I have had the privilege of knowing Chris Carneal and the Boosterthon Fun Run team for several years now. They have actually served at some Growing Leaders events. I teach leadership to organizations all over the country, and rarely do I see one as committed to its mission as Booster..."

Dr. Tim Elmore

President of and author of Generation iY—Our Last Chance to Save Their Future

"I’ve spent many hours around the Boosterthon Fun Run team and their organization, and, let me tell you, they are the real deal! Their energy and desire to serve schools with excellence is authentic. I’ve worked with many global organizations, and I’ve never encountered one as relational as Booster. They are just great with people. Their team members work hard to make the program hassle-free for school administrators and teachers but also fun for the students."

Jeremie Kubicek, President

GiANT Impact

"I can't begin to put a price on the value Boosterthon brought to my campus. The parents were overwhelmingly supportive, happy, and many thanked me for all the changes we've made this year. Rave reviews! Our staff is on fire and begging me to do this again next year! Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for everything Booster stands for. Thank you for being part of the transformation of my campus!"

Natalie Mead, Principal

Paloma Creek Elementary
Aubrey, Texas

“It is impossible not to get caught up in the wonderful values the Boosterthon Fun Run showcases, teaches, and reinforces while on our school campus. The entire community embraces the opportunity to build character values, leadership, and fitness, while raising much needed money for our school program. What I love the most about the Boosterthon Fun Run is how they celebrate the vital role of teachers. Not only that, somehow each person who comes in contact with a member of the Boosterthon team leaves feeling important, valued, and appreciated. I can honestly say our school is richer, in more ways than just monetarily, for having experienced the Boosterthon Fun Run.”

Tricia DeWitt, Principal

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School
Atlanta, GA

"I showed up for my kindergartener's Boosterthon this morning with no idea of what to expect, but I was blown away by what a great event it was! The energy, the music, cheering on the kids-- it was great, and I love how my daughter gave something of herself. She would have continued to run laps if they had let her-- she was so proud of herself! I heard the conversation at the first PTA meeting and was eager to form my own review of Boosterthon. I can tell you I wholeheartedly support this effort, it is a wonderful fundraiser and I'm looking forward to next year!"

Sarah Purcer, Parent

Oakview Elementary
Simpsonville, SC

"The staff, students and parents supported every aspect of Boosterthon. From the very beginning to finishing the program, everything was done in a friendly, professional manner. The team made EVERY student feel that they were the most important child on campus. Teachers and parents alike still talk about the lessons learned. Boosterthon had a HUGE impact on our school, emotionally, physically and not to mention, financially! The spirit stays alive and will be renewed in January when we kickoff for another great year with Boosterthon."

Mary Jacobs, PTA President

Charlotte Patterson Elementary
Chandler, AZ

“The week after Boosterthon was at our school, Laurel Park, my kindergartener broke into song while in the bathroom. She regularly makes up songs and rarely do they ever make sense, but this time my ears perked up when I recognized that she was singing about Diesel Dave, Captain Kyle, and T-Rex and each of the character lessons she learned during the program. I was floored. Talk about having an impact!”

Keri McCauley, PTA Member

Laurel Park Elementary
Apex, NC

"The quality of the Boosterthon program is unlike any program, fundraising or otherwise, that we have seen. The training and support of the Boosterthon staff is remarkable. Any time we had a question, concern or idea, the Boosterthon team was there, coaching us to success. And the 9-day fitness, character and leadership program is by far the most school-transforming program we’ve seen, bringing together the students, the faculty, the parents and the community. The pride, the joy and the energy that this program brought to our campus was phenomenal and to top it all off, we well exceeded our financial goals."

Jessica Swick, PTO Boosterthon Chairperson

Blue Mountain Elementary East
Orwigsburg, PA

"Our entire Boosterthon team presented and taught everything with such enthusiasm and energy that the kids were STILL talking about the different lessons at the end of the year! (Our Boosterthon Fun Run was in August) The kids actually took what the team was teaching and applied it! Thank you all for everything that you did and for the impact you made on our children’s (and our) lives!”

Wendy Akin, PTA Member

Riverside Elementary
Augusta, GA

"While we brought Boosterthon to our school with an initial goal of fundraising, we quickly realized that the Boosterthon team accomplishes so much more than that. They bring with them a contagious spirit that encourages and uplifts students, teachers and parents.The smiles that they put on the children's faces are infectious! Most importantly, they put the FUN in FUN RUN and show children that exercising can be enjoyable!!! 'This was the best day of the year!' was the Boosterthon review among a class at our school. Not only did we raise funds above and beyond our desired goal, the atmosphere that they helped create in our school was invaluable and long-lasting."

Blair Zeimetz, PTA President

Blythe Academy of Languages
Greenville, SC

"One of our kindergarteners was having some problems settling in to the structure of school. Behavior issues were commonly noted on reports sent home. Then one, two and three days passed with no issues. Mom asked about the change and was told, 'It was because of Jonathan (our Boosterthon Leader). I decided I CHOOSE Leadership and I CHOOSE Learning!' This is why our PTA has partnered with Boosterthon for three years!"

Kathleen Zimmerman, PTA President

Lynn Fanning Elementary
Meridianville, AL

"The team sent to LCA in Lynchburg, VA has stolen our hearts!"

Cindy Capps, Parent

Lynchburg Christian Academy
Lynchburg, VA

"Boosterthon Fun Run is, in a word, amazing. The exuberance that the team members bring to the school is palpable. They are excited about the kids, our school, and the character traits they teach. They are quality examples of young men and women that we are proud to have our students look up to. The amount of money we raised was beyond our goal. However, we were most pleased with the team of men and women we were able to work with and call friends."

Chip Bloecher, Principal

Carrollton Christian Academy
Carrollton, TX

“I am blown away by every facet of the Boosterthon Fun Run program and how amazing it has been. In two weeks, your team has become so entrenched in our school that the thought of them not being here is actually sad. Our kids have been impacted in such amazing ways: confidence in themselves, communicating with their parents about qualities of being a leader, being inspired to be active, talking with teachers about being responsible. These are just a few ways they have been moved by your team. The positive energy level is absolutely through the roof! They have dedicated themselves to knowing our school and everything about it.”

Casey Ball, Principal

Hemby Bridge Elementary
Indian Trail, NC

"We had heard great things about Boosterthon, but the team at Pelham Road blew those reviews out of the water and totally exceeded our expectations. We thought about doing a fun run in the past, but there is no way we could have done something so wonderful. The time in the classrooms was outstanding and the students truly listened to the character lessons. There was just a wonderful sense of excitement in our school while the team was here. They truly are rockstars at our school and are already being missed! We can't wait for next year!"

Anne Garner, PTA President

Pelham Road Elementary
Greenville, SC

“We have the highest regard for Boosterthon. We love your character, your organization, your awesome team members (ALL of them!), your humble spirit, your tireless daily work, and your everyday winsome ways. Your team were not just "rock stars" among our students...the staff, administration, and Board members were equally impressed. The presence of Boosterthon just gave us a tremendous overall lift. After reviewing the pledges -- WOW, we are still blown away. You did everything you said you would, and much more. THANK YOU for working so hard to raise support for Lakeland Christian School.”

Steve Wilson, Director of Advancement

Lakeland Christian School
Lakeland, FL

"I had to take a moment to write a note of thanks for all you did for our school, but more significantly, what you did for my son, Max. Thank you for structuring a program that truly speaks to everyone’s unique abilities and strengths. More significantly, thank you for having your team recognize the value and contribution that each child brings to such an event – whether you're first, last or somewhere in the middle, YOUR contribution made it a success. Your team was enthusiastic and truly made every student feel accomplished. Keep up the great work raising money for our schools and helping our children realize their unique potential. Your commitment makes a difference in our communities and in our children."

Heather Sams, Parent

Loretto Elementary
Jacksonville, FL

"Boosterthon Fun Run- WOW! What can I say? Our school has participated in this event for two years. Each year the Boosterthon Fun Run has exceeded our expectations. The students, administration, parents, and staff all love the experience that the Boosterthon Team brings to our school. The team is only on campus for a few days, but the impact on our student body is long lasting."

Libbie Arnold, PTA Member

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy
Marietta, GA

"Boosterthon was a breath of "FUN" air. We were looking to do a 5k to raise funds but Boosterthon was so much easier and a lot more fun for the kids, teachers, parents, and PTA. They really focused on character building along with fundraising which really makes this company stand out."

Christine Wilson, PTA Member

Woodlands Elementary
Longwood, FL

"The Boosterthon Fun Run was incredible! Not only did we almost triple the amount that we raised from any previous fundraiser, we had a great time while doing it. The students had a blast running, learning about character and having fun while helping out the school. The Boosterthon team is the absolute best! It’s like no other fundraiser!"

Reisha Rust, PTA Member

Durbin Creek Elementary
Jacksonville, FL

"I have been involved in fundraising at our school for seven years. The experience I had with the Boosterthon Fun Run for the first time last year was thoroughly rewarding. It was easy, educational, FUN, and successful! The energy and enthusiasm was contagious throughout the entire school. When asked for reviews, I don't know who loved it more―our parents, students, or teachers! It was very little work for the parents assisting with the fundraiser. The students were taught valuable lessons each day and had a GREAT time at the actual Fun Run. The daily character lessons the Boosterthon Fun Run team gave inspired us all. Thank you to our wonderful Boosterthon Fun Run team!"

Joyce Vasha, PTA Member

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School
Oak Mountain, AL